The Truth About Your Slow PC

Have you seen the television advertisement for My Clean PC? The one with an un-shaven, rather dejected-looking gentleman with a sour look on his face explaining that your slow PC is headed for the illustrated junk pile? How about the one for Finally Fast dot com? I love that one, because it shows at least 3 different Mac computers, with the very tiny lettering explaining that it won’t work on a Mac. Great job.

I STRONGLY recommend you stay away from these people., and are all owned by Cyber Defender, who is a known purveyor of malicious software.

Clicking through to CyberDefender’s page, they tout recommendations from several reputable computer sites and magazines. However, none of the graphics contain links to article you can check. That’s the first clue they are lying.

They claim to have a CNET trusted source review and a high rating. Just do a Bing search for “CNET CyberDefender”. You’ll find the product is not reviewed at all by CNET, which is another deception.

CNET has it available for download, along with thousands of programs. CNET doesn’t verify free downloads. However, the CNET community is full of surprising comments about CyberDefender.

According to some of these comments, CyberDefender is a scam directed at seniors and young people. They offer it for free, but start scamming users for extra fees. The software generates false positives. If you remove an essential operating system file, as they often suggest, your computer will no longer function properly.

Being gluttons for punishment (and possessing the ability to fix whatever this program messed up), we looked into it. After you download My Clean PC, it will do a free scan. When the scan completes, you’ll be presented with a very scary-looking list of the bad things the free scan found on your computer. Sure enough, it found 144 false positives. About a dozen of these false positives are for malware this writer hasn’t even seen in about a decade. Anxious for more adventure, we called the number on the website. The nice lady who answered let me know she wasn’t a tech, but a customer service rep. Just as soon as I gave her credit card info, she would transfer me to a technician. Right.

Because I enjoy these things, I kept her on the line for over 10 minutes. Here’s what I found: The software is normally $199, but they were offering a special deal and I could get it for only $99. My lucky day. Even better, to keep my computer running fast, I would be charged a monthly fee of only $19.95 going forward. This was also discounted from their regular price of $29.95 a month. Gosh, I felt special.

By the way, the machine I loaded this on was a system with a brand new hard drive that had been loaded with Microsoft Windows 7, all hardware drivers, and Internet Explorer 11. Nothing else.

Do NOT fall for this.

-The Tech Wizard

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  1. Susan January 30, 2014 at 10:04 pm #

    Those always look tempting to me. Thanks Ryq!

  2. Julie January 30, 2014 at 10:39 pm #

    Who would have thought a tech related blog could be informative AND entertaining?!

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